Presentation of the Second International Spatial Development Forum

In Media Center of St. Petersburg`s Government will be discussed the Second International Spatial Development Forum

Press-Conference will be attended by:

- Vladimir Vasilyev-Rector of ITMO University, the Chairman of the Council of Rectors, honorary citizen;

- Vladimir Hodirev-President of non-commercial Partnership «The North-West Transport Union», the Chairman of the Leningrad People`s Deputy Council from 1983 till 1990

- Vladimir Grigoryev- the Chairman of the Committee of Urban Development and Architecture, the Chief architect of St. Petersburg

- Anatoliy Sobolev- Head of the Headquarters of the International Spatial Development Forum

- Michail Voziyanov- President of «Russian Guild of Managing developers»

- Maxim Winter- Co-Chairman of the regional Department of Russian public organization «Business Russia»