Manifest 2017
RE.URBAN – RE.EVOLUTION: Rethinking future of the cities

The main theme of III International Spatial Development Forum: Re.Urban – Re.Evolution — rethinking of cities essence and evolutional ways of their development.

According to the UN data the world population will nearly double by 2050, and urbanization will be one of the most radical tendencies of XXI century. It means that population, economic activity, social and cultural interaction as well as ecological and humanitarian effects will concentrate in cities. 

At the same time the image of cities is changing dramatically. Economic, social and technological transformations call for creation of a new type of the city – postindustrial city as a community of drastically different people with their values, lifestyle, time and space demands. That is why a new approach to urban development is needed.
Modern city consists not only of infrastructure and buildings, technology, manufactory and various institutions; Modern city is its people and human relationships.

The paradigm for understanding urban development is changing. If just a few years ago the question was about the technological development of the city, implementation of smart technologies for urban comfortable road network, improving levels of safety and so on. Then today we understand that purely technological implementations are not enough. The Forum goal is to give a new framework for urban development and to shift from an impersonal discussion of buildings, technologies and development programs to people-oriented city based on the principals of sustainable development and knowledge economy. Work with citizens, creation of communities, new economic, educational system targeted at the development of human potential, accumulation of creative capital. 

Main questions of the Forum: