IV International Spatial Development Forum – ISD Forum «Harmony of multidimensionality» will take place on June 18, 2018 in «Manege» Central Exhibition Hall.

The key theme of this year will be «iCities: new codes – new rules».

Co-organizers of the Forum are the Government of Saint Petersburg and ITMO University.

The goal of the Forum is to move away from impersonal discussion of architecture, technologies and development programs to the essence of a human-oriented city, which is based on the principles of citizens' participation, sustainable development and sustainable aesthetics, knowledge economy, the use of intelligent digital tools and technologies for strategic development of the city.

During the Forum participants will focus their attention on the analysis of modern trends, as well as identifying prospects for urban development. They will discuss topics related to modern human values, "i-generation" orientation points, machine learning and artificial intelligence, smart technologies, and how all these developments will change the political, economic, sociocultural, architectural and spatial landscape of modern cities.

During plenary sessions and discussions, round tables and project presentations, open lectures and workshops participants will discuss the most urgent issues of urban development, understanding of the past, present and future of modern cities.

The opening ceremony will be held with the participation of the Governor of Saint Petersburg Georgy Poltavchenko and will be continued by the plenary discussion «The Matrix of Meanings: How A Unique Generation Will Change The World And Cities».

During the parallel activities of the Forum three key topics that are important for the harmonious development of a modern city will be developed:

  1. Cities through the Collide of Generations: New Meanings VS Traditions
  2. Politics, Economics and Society: Digital Clouds and Real Society
  3. Rethinking the Architecture: how to Create an Environment that Encourages Human Development

Admission to the Forum is free by pre-registration on the ISDForum official website. To register use the link below.