Manifest 2018

iCities: New Codes – New Rules

IV International Spatial Development Forum Theme: iCities: New Codes – New Rules

Today we observe how the ‘new human’ emerges. The ‘new humans’, these new personalities think and live differently; they rely on the different set of values and needs. These ‘new people’ do not just exist, they actively participate in social reality, changing the codes of society, and transforming the society itself. The everyday practices are changing; the modern society loses its order and hierarchy, turning into a set of non-linear events and processes that are united by horizontal social ties. In fact, people live in several realities - virtual and physical; they differently perceive space and time, make new, different demands on the city: its economy, development, management, content and quality of the environment.

Cities become large or small platforms for the experiments, where battles for meanings unfold, where cultural and political codes and algorithms are created, where new economies emerge, where the ‘security’ is expanded, where new civil responsibility is formed, where spatial transformations take place, and where human capital is created.

The goal of the Forum is to create a new DNA of cities: to move away from impersonal discussion of architecture,  technologies and development programs to the essence of a human-oriented city, which is based on the principles of citizens' participation, sustainable development and sustainable aesthetics, knowledge economy, the use of intelligent digital tools and technologies.

During the Forum participants will focus their attention on the horizons of the past, present and future, where they will find ‘seeds of change’ necessary for the prosperity of modern cities. They will discuss topics related to modern human values, "i-generation" orientation points, machine learning and artificial intelligence, smart technologies, and how all these developments will change the political, economic, sociocultural and spatial landscape of modern cities.

The forum perspective focuses on three key topics that are important for the harmonious development of a modern city:

  1. Cities through the Collide of Generations: New Meanings VS Traditions
  2. Politics, Economics and Society: Digital Clouds and Real Society
  3. Rethinking the Architecture: how to Create an Environment that Encourages Human Development

Each key topic will cover the burning issues of urban development, understanding past and present of the cities as well as designing their future.