Parallel events

June 20

  • Audio-visual exhibition about St. Petersburg



    Manege Central Exhibition Hall, 1 Isaakievskaya Ploschad, St. Petersburg

    Saint Petersburg is a city, full of contradictions: there are contradictions between the past and the future, between the center and the outskirts, between imaginary and real, between the unique character and the technological effectiveness. The exhibition "Petersburg 2103" opens on June 20 in celebration of the 315th birthday of the city; and this is a perfect moment to review and to evaluate what has already been done, and what is yet to be done. The figures "2103" in the title hint at the fact that the present celebration date is not the last one, and the city still has a lot ahead. What will Saint Petersburg be like by its 400th anniversary in 2103?

    We got used to consider Saint Petersburg a monument of the 18th and 19th centuries. Reverential attitude to the past is taken for granted here. "Petersburg 2103" exhibition offers an unusual, but also a necessary view of Saint Petersburg as a megapolis in the state of creation.

    The new capital of Russian Empire was the first of its kind experiment of spreading European culture outside the traditional Europe. The main tools for inculcation of new patterns of life in Russia were architecture and urban planning. At the turn of the 21st century nostalgia became the main emotion in St.Petersburg. Even though in the past hundred years the city underwent several radical changes, the habit of dwelling on the past remained. Today visitors and residents of Saint Petersburg treat the city as a unique monument built once and for all. Area outside the historical center, even though it accounts for four fifths of the city, is perceived only as a supplemental territory, a tribute to the functional needs of the city.

    The exhibition "Petersburg 2103" is an attempt to look at Saint Petersburg from a different angle, as the place of ongoing dramas and changes, a history with an open ending. Only after careful consideration of the all stages of development of the city, it will be possible to make assumptions about its future.

    The exhibition consists of four parts dedicated to the past, present and future of Saint Petersburg. People are the main theme that all parts of the exhibition share. All these people: touched by genius or ordinary, decisive or conservative, generous or calculating, clear-thinking or kind, architects or rulers, laymen or visionaries - they have always been shaping the future of Saint Petersburg and they continue to be its main authors.





June 19

  • Urban walking tour «Saint Petersburg Through the Looking Glass»

    Walking tour


    5-7 Rimskogo-Korsakova street

    A two-hours creative photo / literary walk around the famous Admiralteisky district organized exclusively for IV International Spatial Development Forum participants and before the opening of exhibition SPB2103 in Manege Central Exhibition Hall.

    Saint Petersburg is a Narcissus city that admires its own reflection in the mirror of its countless rivers and canals. Almost every bit of its space is pierced by a waterflow that doubles its splendor. One can see much more in the reflection than in direct gaze — and that's why our experimental walk will be about exploring the space of Saint Petersburg, its images, contrasts, parallels and beauty. Our tools in this experiment are:

    • mirrors of different shapes and sizes that will help us to find interesting reflections, contrasts and similarities;
    • cameras that will capture our findings;
    • texts of Dostoevsky and Gogol that will help us adapt to the mysterious mirrored side of the city;
    • and the urban environment itself that we'll be able to break down and reassemble as puzzle.

    On the way from Ambassador hotel to the exhibition hall in the Manege, participants of the walk are invited to use these tools and their creative imagination to venture into the unseen side of the city. Excerpts of several major “Saint Petersburg texts” by Gogol, Dostoevsky and other famous writers, as well as a detailed and coherent narrative about history and contemporary life of surrounding districts of Saint Petersburg, will also be part of experience. This walk may be of interest for architects, urban researchers and photographers, both amateurs and professionals.

    Starting at 16:30 PM at Ambassador hotel, 5-7 Rimskogo-Korsakova street.
    Finishing at 18:45 PM Manege exhibition hall, 1 Yakubovicha street.

    Key locations: City Hall Departments building; Saint Nicholas Naval Cathedral; Palace of Culture of Postal Workers; New Holland island; Galernaya street.
    Duration: 2 hours
    Total itinerary length: 3.5 km

    Cost: free

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